52 Challenges for 52 weeks
Sem vložte podnadpis

Develop a free child's play.

Just one challenge per week. We're trying to push the boundaries of free play. Let us support each other. Share your experiences with us. Thanks for the desire and courage to go into it with us. Thank you for giving your children time and space to play freely.

1st challange: TAKE ROOTS OUT

Make your friends for free play. How? Go for a walk. Bring a knife or pruning shears. Find a suitable dry branch. Dried roots are great to work with. They are not as strong as the branches and it is easier for children to use them. When Roots show, simply cut them off and suit their size and shape. We recommend to create a few of them to get the whole Roots family. Then make their face by cutting a small part of the wood and let the kids draw their eyes and mouth. Then just introduce each other, greet yourselves and figure out whether they are going to live at home or outside. Leave the following play spread out of the interest and imagination of your children. Your role here is to watch and listen, and if you wish, take pictures. You can also make your own Roots family, to please and develop your imagination. 

Final unsolicited advice:

1. Make the activities work for you. Proposed challenges are just ideas to start with. Observe yourself and your children, and DEVELOP, WHAT YOU ENJOY and what works for you.
2. Let your children grow. Let them take as much initiative and responsibility as possible. You can start and promote the challenge, but your children are the ones to do most of it and come with their own ideas. FREE PLAY is self-directed.
3. The real life is OUTSIDE. You can find adventure and rich experience even just around your house. Time outside brings a lot of benefits to your and your children's lives: it develops creativity, promotes physical fitness, releases pressures, involves more senses and so on.