I want MORE: 52 challanges
Sem vložte podnadpis

Thanks, you want do more.

1. challange: TAKE ROOTS OUT 

I. Roots birth
II. The first expedition
III. The first big adventure

II. The first Roots expedition

Have you got your new neighbors? Take them on a trip. It may be just the bathroom, or the forest. You can take them out regularly. They fits into every pocket. Common places suddenly you will see from another perspective. You can take pictures of your Roots, paint or describe the story. At home, we often falling asleep tells the adventurous story about brave roots today where and what were experienced. Watch children, what games they will play. If the Roots interest them, the game will come automatically. And maybe they will play for something completely different ...

III. The first big adventure

Your Roots saw already a lot? Prepare his adventures. Choose a favorite place (forest, tree, park), get ready treasure for Roots (new cap of an acorn, a friend, a fabric on the duvet), draw a map of where the treasures hid, and head out from the Root. In an unguarded moment take refuge treasure. Or invent another adventurous trip (skating, lookout for squirrels, escape from the monster). If the kids are interested in the game, invent infinite possibilities. If not, they play differently. After their. But you'll be out in the biggest and best play room!